10 Ways to Create an Extravagant-Looking Bathroom (On a Budget)


Flipping through home design magazines and catching a glimpse of some extravagant bathrooms can easily get you drooling over the possibilities for your own bathroom redesign. But with bathroom renovations easily tipping into the thousands, it can be tricky to revamp this important little space while sticking to your budget.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom look posh without the hefty price tag.

1. Install Tiles Diagonally

While a little more complicated than laying them in a square fashion, tiles that are applied diagonally look a little fancier. Not only that, this type of tile arrangement can also make a very small bathroom appear larger than it really is. Just be sure to use the appropriate tile size in relation to the square footage of the space that you’re working with.

2. Add Colorful Glass Tiles


There are tons of different types of tile out there for the choosing, but one you may want to focus on to primp up your bathroom is glass. You can use colored glass tile in all sorts of different ways to create a highly customized, artful look. With all the different colors that glass tiles come in, you can easily create a unique look that will be sure to appeal to the visual senses.

3. Line your Walls With Wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a splash on the home design scene over the past few years, offering homeowners a host of different patterns to choose from. Adding wallpaper to bathrooms, in particular, has become a popular trend, as the right pattern and color combination can truly being this understated space to life.

4. Swap Out Your Clear Shower Curtain


Sliding glass shower doors are the ultimate in opulence, but if you don’t have the budget for them, the right shower curtain just might be enough to boost the luxury factor in your bathroom. Get rid of those typical plastic shower curtains in favor of silk or silklike curtains that can infuse an element of affluence in the space. You can even use curtains that are made for bedrooms, just as long as you add a fabric shower liner underneath to ward off the wetness.

5. Use Posh Accessories

Accessories can never be underestimated, no matter what room you’re using them in. You can easily create a luxe look by sprinkling your bathroom with opulent accessories such as candles, perfume bottles, soap dispensers, and others to make your bathroom look fit for royalty.

6. Hang an Exciting Mirror


Nothing brightens up a space more than the reflective properties of a mirror. To give your bathroom a luxurious boost, hang an oversized mirror in an interesting frame that takes up the majority of the space on the wall that it’s hanging on. Install a couple of wall sconces on either side and you’ll really have something that will stand out and enhance the richness of the room.

7. Decorate in All White

If you’ve looked through home design magazines or stayed at 5-star hotels, you may have noticed that the more expensive-looking spaces are those that are spa-inspired. These bathrooms tend to have a monochromatic look that exudes feelings of luxury. Typically, an all-white bathroom is used to create an elegant space. From the wall color, to the vanity, to the linens, all white in the bathroom provides the feeling of richness despite its incredible simplicity.

8. Add Extravagant Lighting


Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting. One of the easiest and fastest ways to introduce extravagance into the bathroom is to install gorgeous light fixtures, particularly a chandelier. This type of light fixture can make a dramatic impact in the room without occupying any space, which is important when dealing with small areas like the bathroom.

9. Use Luxurious Towels

Linens play a huge role in bathrooms, so don’t cheap out on them if you’re going for a luxurious look in this space. Get yourself some towels made of plush fabrics that are adorned with extravagant details.

10. Add Painted Wainscoting

The addition of wainscoting on the walls in your bathroom can instantly give the space an enhanced look. For this project, you might need to enlist the help of a contractor to make sure the job is done right. Once it’s up, paint the wainscoting in a neutral color, such as white, grey, or steel blue to completely change the look and feel of your bathroom.

The Bottom Line

Who says you can’t have luxury in your bathroom without spending a pretty penny? With these crafty ideas, you can take your bathroom from outdated to opulent in no time, without making a dent in your wallet.