5 Tips For Moving With Kids in Tow


Moving isn’t exactly fun or easy, but this is even more true when you’ve got young children to contend with. It can be tough to have to deal with packing, purging, organizing, and all the other tasks that come with a big move while trying to entertain your kids and keep them out of everything you’re trying to haul out.

Having said that, moving with children doesn’t have to be torturous. With some savvy tips, you can make your move a seamless one, despite having your kids running around!

Pack Your Kids’ Stuff Last

Your kids want to have quick and easy access to all their toys and will be looking for them if you pack them away first. Instead of the kids rummaging through everything in search of their favorite stuffed animal or game, leave these things out until the very last minute so they don’t have to bother you for them when you’re in the middle of packing.

Unpack Your Kids’ Stuff Last

In much the same way that the kids will want to play with their things up to the very last moment that you’re in your home, they’ll also want to get their little hands on their belongings the second they step foot over the threshold of your new place. Not only will unpacking their items help get them out of your hair while you’re unpacking the rest of your belongings, it will also help them feel settled in a lot faster. Setting up their rooms with their bedding and decor will help them feel at home as they start to get familiar with new surroundings.

Let Them Play a Role in the Moving Process

Kids want to be a part of everything, and considering the magnitude of a move and how difficult it can be for little ones, letting them take an active role in the process can help them feel a sense of control over the whole ordeal. While they weren’t able to make the big decisions of moving and where to buy a new home, they can help make some smaller decisions like which boxes to pack their things in or how to decorate their new room. This will make adjusting a little easier.

Purge the Junk

You might be very sentimental when it comes to your kids’ things, but you can’t keep everything. Moving provides the perfect opportunity to get rid of all sorts of things that are just taking up space. A good rule of thumb is to purge anything that hasn’t been used in 6 months. If your children haven’t played with Teddy in a while or have totally forgotten about that Dora puzzle set that’s been collecting dust in the closet, get rid of it  It will help lessen the load and make moving and unpacking that much easier.

Call the Babysitters

Call someone to watch the kids for the day while you spend a few hours packing. Whether it’s a family member, babysitter, neighbor, or their friends’ parents, having some help watching your kids can prove to be a real life-saver, especially if your kids are toddler age or younger. At the very least, split the task with your partner – one takes the kids while the other packs, and reverse the roles the next day.

Have the Movers Pack For You

If possible, hire the movers to do all the packing in addition to the hauling. This will take a huge load off your shoulders while you’re trying to keep the kids out of the way. Take the kids out for the day or even for the weekend and stay out of the way as the pros bring in their packing materials and tackle this huge job for you. It may cost a little more, but that extra expense might be well worth the stress you’ll be freeing yourself from.

Organize Playdates With Neighborhood Kids

Being the new kid in school can be overwhelming and downright scary, but starting a new school can be a lot easier if your kids know someone. If at all possible, try to schedule your move during the summer before the new school year starts. Help them meet new kids in the area by introducing yourself to other parents and setting up playdates at your home or at the local park. A fun playdate can do wonders at  making them feel more comfortable.

The Bottom Line

No matter how organized you try to be on moving day, the presence of children will likely complicate things if you’re not prepared. Take steps to keep your children entertained and happy during your move to help lessen the frustrations that will inevitably be felt. Don’t be afraid to ask for some help, and embrace the challenges as they arise with grace. The better you’re able to handle the hurdles, the more smoothly the move will go. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your new abode, and your children will find themselves loving it sooner rather than later as they quickly settle in. Kids may not like change, but it’s amazing how quickly they’re able to adapt.