6 Design Trends That Buyers Don’t Like


When it comes to selling your home, impressions matter. Ideally, you want buyers to be impressed with your home’s look and functionality when they see its listing photos or attend a showing or open house. Your home should look its absolute best when it’s on the market in order to boost the odds of a quick sale at a decent sale price.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of quirks that homebuyers are easily turned off by, including the following.

1. Extreme Minimalism

The interior design world has been bombarded with minimalist decor in an effort to cut down on the clutter and create more serene and simple ‘feng shui’ type of spaces. But as stylish and modern as minimalism can be, some homeowners take it a little too far.

The idea behind a minimalist approach to interior design is to declutter and organize a space so that it functions optimally and evokes a ‘zen’-like’ feel. But going right down to the bare necessities to the point where a room no longer possesses any personality does little to foster a sense of comfort.

2. Open Concept Master Bathroom

Some modern floor plans that have been introduced in the world of home contraction and design over the recent past have included bathrooms with an open concept layout. What does that mean, exactly? The toilet, shower, and bathtub are completely exposed to the bedroom with no door to create a boundary between the two spaces.

As much as buyers love an open concept layout in homes, they don’t necessarily want that theme carried over into the master bathroom and bedroom. A little privacy in the bathroom is still a timeless concept that buyers still very much appreciate.

3. Converted Bedrooms

Foregoing a bedroom in favor of another type of space is never a good idea when it comes to property value. In fact, removing a bedroom can significantly cut down on the value of your home, especially if the neighborhood doesn’t call for it. For instance, if homes on the block typically have 3-bedrooms, you might be shooting yourself in the foot if you turn your home into a 2-bedroom abode in order to use that third bedroom for a sewing room or gym.

While this idea might work for you and your family, it will deter buyers when it comes time to sell. People basically want rooms that were specifically built for their initial purpose. If you convert a bedroom into a space for an entirely different function, be sure that you’ll still be able to easily transform it back into a bedroom before listing your home for sale.


4. Carpeting

Some homeowners may still like the idea of wall-to-wall carpeting in their homes because they’re comfortable to walk on and soft to the touch, especially in bedrooms. But most buyers still prefer hardwood flooring. That’s because wall-to-wall carpeting is typically viewed as a surface that easily traps dirt and grime, and buyers will usually not be too keen on having to professionally clean it before they move in.

5. Bold Wall Color

Every home stager will tell you that bold colors on the wall are a no-no when trying to sell. It’s generally recommended to paint walls in a neutral color – such as gray, white, or soft blue – in order to appeal to a larger pool of prospective buyers. Despite the fact that painting is a relatively cheap and easy task to take on, it might still be viewed as a hassle for buyers who would much rather buy a home that’s move-in ready.

6. Gold and Bronze Fixtures

Gold and bronze fixtures may have a been a hot trend in the world of interior designs lately, but this concept isn’t necessarily favored by everyone. Just like paint colors, fixtures should also be somewhat subdued. All those opulent light fixtures, hand rails, and cabinet hardware should ideally be made out of something that’s not as shiny and bold as metallics like gold and bronze. Many buyers may look at such materials as outdated.

The Bottom Line

Prepping your home for sale involves a lot of work before your ‘For Sale’ sign is ready to be planted in your front yard. A number of steps should be taken to ensure that every space in your home is designed in such a way that it will appeal to the masses of buyers who are looking in your area. If your home has any one of the above design trends, you might want to consider making some changes before the first buyer walks through your front door.