7 Creative Ways to Repurpose a Fireplace

What do you do when you’ve got an old wood-burning fireplace that hasn’t been living up to its true purpose in years? Why, repurpose it, of course! Lots of older homes come with non-functional yet gorgeous old fireplaces that haven’t heard the cackle of burning wood in forever. Instead of letting that thing just distribute filthy soot in your living space, repurpose it to add an element of decor that works for your personal space.

Here are a few ideas to get our creative juices flowing.

Stack Your Books

Instead of firewood, neatly stack all your already-read books inside the fireplace. Position them in all different directions to fit really snugly into the space – it’ll create a funky pattern under the mantel.fireplacebooks

Add Neatly-Cut Logs

While you won’t be burning them, you can still stack a bunch of small, round logs in the fireplace with the cut ends facing outward. The wood isn’t exactly functional, but its presence will easily create a rustic look in your living area. And depending on the type of wood you put in there, you’ll also get the benefit of a subtle outdoorsy scent wafting in your home’s interior.fireplacelogs

Light Up Your Fireplace With Candles Instead of Wood

You’re not lighting firewood in the fireplace, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t glow. Light up your fireplace with pillar candles in varying heights to somewhat create the effect of a fire without the mess and bother of actually building one.fireplacecandles

Fill it With Plants

Plants belong in just about any space in a home, so why not the fireplace? Fill that empty old space with your favorite breeds of the green stuff, from ferns, to aloe vera, to Christmas cactus. Use a bunch of different sizes and types of planters to create an eclectic effect to the space. If you’re looking to create a focal point in a room, this would be it!

Create a Wine Rack

Who doesn’t love easy access to their treasured wines? Hang out in your living room with your guests and quickly reach for your vino of choice! Portable wine racks can be found at just about any home decor store, so get one that fits the space well and is able to handle the haul you’ve got!fireplacewine

Cover it With a Chalkboard

Got kids? Let them decorate the fireplace for you! The color of a dark chalkboard somewhat impersonates the soot that accumulates in a traditional fireplace, but with a totally different purpose. Let the kids doodle on the chalkboard and come up with their own unique design.

Forge a Bookcase

No one said a bookcase needs to be beside the fireplace, so why not put one directly inside it? Cover the back of the fireplace space with your wallpaper design of choice, then install a couple of shelves to house your magazines, framed photos, vases, and any other knick knack you need to find a home for.

Your fireplace may have originally been a heat source way back when, but how you use it today is only defined by your ingenuity! Give one of these ideas a shot to repurpose your fireplace and give it a new lease on life.

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