Childproof Your Home Without Sacrificing Your Decor

Kids are the cutest. That’s why parents are quick to make some major adjustments in the home to make sure there aren’t any booby-traps waiting in the midst for the kids hurt themselves with. But your stylish ways don’t necessarily have to be thrown out the window in the name of child-proofing your domain.

Here are a few tips to protecting your kids from harm’s way while still maintaining your stylish interior.

Trade Your Coffee Table For an Oversized Ottoman

It’s like toddlers look for sharp corners to smack into. If you’ve got a coffee table in the pathway of your little one, consider swapping it for an oversized, upholstered ottoman instead so you don’t have to deal with poked eyes or goose eggs on foreheads.

Not only is an ottoman cushy enough not to cause major injury to wandering wee ones, it’s also functional enough to put your magazines or drinks on. And they’re still super stylish! Ottomans come in a all sorts of fabrics and colors, so you’re bound to find one that matches your home’s decor.

Tuck a Non-Slip Pad Under Your Area Rug

You found the rug of your dreams, but your waddling toddler keeps sliding around on it causing her to wipe out 10 times a day. Don’t fret – you don’t necessarily need to get rid of your beloved rug. Instead, place a rug pad underneath it to keep it in place and prevent any further slipping and sliding. Just make sure the pad you get is designed for your specific type of flooring material.

Eliminate Glass or Any Breakable Objects

Glass is like a target for little kids. They just instinctively know where to go to find things that are easily broken. Not only do they ruin your favorite accessories and decor, but they can also take an eye out – or worse. Get rid of anything glass – and that includes vases and hanging art covered with a glass panel.

Ever see a 1-year-old walk up to a glass-encased picture on the wall and smash on the ground? It happens, and it’s not pretty. But that doesn’t mean you have to forego all your decor. Swap your glass-covered art for frameless canvas prints, and your glass vases for acrylic or wood models. They’re still pretty, and they won’t have you worrying about Junior smashing them on the ground into a million tiny pieces.

Use Baby Gates That Complement Your Current Decor

Ever see those baby gates at department stores or in fellow parents’ homes? They’re hideous.

Sure, they prevent curious little kids from falling down stairs or accessing dangerous items, but they do nothing for your decor.

Thankfully, there are ways that you can still keep your child safe without turning your home into a prison. A simple solution is to have a gate made to match the decor you’ve already got in the room you plan on using it in. Got mahogany in the living room? Make your gate out of the same material. White birch in the kitchen? Do the same to match. Chic baby gate designs can go a long way at maintaining some level of style while serving a purpose at the same time.

Use Slide-Over Electric Outlets

Everyone knows the potential hazard that electric outlets pose to toddlers who like to stick their fingers into absolutely everything. That’s why parents are quick to plug those things up with plastic covers. But seriously – they look terrible, and stand out like a sore thumb.

The solution? Slide-over outlet covers that look exactly like typical covers. These had gadgets feature an extra piece of plastic where the opening would typically be. It then slides over the plugs to hide the outlet and keep hands out, then slides back up when you need to use them.

Add a Decorative Slip Cover to Your Sofa

Good luck not getting any spit-up or grimy hand prints on your white couch. And unless you cover it in clear plastic (please don’t), expect that white hue to quickly turn yellow or brown. If you’re head-over-heels in love with your light-colored couch and can’t bear to part with it, consider adding a slip cover over top that you can quickly and easily remove and wash as needed. And while this is not exactly a safety precaution, it can do wonders to keep your home fingerprint-free.

So there you have it. You CAN still have your cake and eat it too, at least when it comes to having a stylish and child-proofed home. Put these tips to work and you can have the best of both worlds.

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