Handmade Home: How Millennials Are Using Etsy to Decorate Their Homes

Social media has gradually invaded every area of life for baby boomers and Generation X. For the upcoming Millennial generation, however, technology has been in their lives for as long as they can remember. Younger Millennials were interacting with their parents’ smartphones when they were still in elementary school and texting by the time they were teens.

As this generation graduates college and purchases their first homes, they’re taking a more technological approach to decorating and renovating their rooms. But in a marketplace full of cookie-cutter furnishings, Millennials still crave that human touch. Instead of buying items on big box furniture and decorating websites, many of them are sifting through sites like Etsy to find unique items that will set their homes apart. Unlike scouring bargain bins and thrift shops for finds, Etsy’s shops are filled with unique handmade items that are perfect for homes and apartments. Here are a few benefits that are now drawing Millennials to Etsy.


Etsy offers homeowners the chance to have an element of their home décor customized to them. Instead of standard throw pillows with fun sayings, those pillows could display a message that fits a person’s unique interests or includes the names of family members. Instead of hanging wooden signs with canned quotes and messages, a customer can purchase a sign that has a favorite quote or child’s name. Items throughout a homeowner’s living space can be customized, from wall plaques to cutting boards to wall clocks.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic décor has become more popular than ever and the trend is driving customers to crafts sites and thrift stores. Etsy is the ideal site for the shabby chic trend, with numerous items available that are either handmade or restored antiques. Millennials have found that rather than purchasing items and distressing them on their own, they can save time by searching Etsy for items for sale that have already been distressed. Since prices are usually fairly low, they fit within the tight budgets Millennials often have.

Supporting Others

When customers buy from big box retailers or discount department stores, they support a major corporation that already makes millions. When they buy items on Etsy, they’re supporting people just like themselves who are trying to make a living doing something they love. Instead of purchasing an item from a faceless corporate giant, they’re able to see small craftspeople and artists grow their Etsy shops and know they’re a part of it. Since many Millennials now realize the value of running a business rather than working to make someone else rich, they can appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit behind a site like Etsy.

With so many items now available, homeowners across all demographics can gain by filling their homes with Etsy-sold items. Millennials are among the first of upcoming generations that have been raised on technology. Sites like Etsy allow them to search for unique items that they wouldn’t be able to find in traditional stores, while also supporting crafty entrepreneurs.

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