Upcoming Neighborhood Events in San Diego

“Which city is the best city in America, and why is it San Diego?”

That’s probably something you’ve heard before, and if you didn’t, then we’re doing it for you. There aren’t enough reasons to list why San Diego is the best city in America, but one is the sheer variety of local happenings in the city’s vastly different neighborhoods. We’ve cobbled together a quick overview of some highlights happening in our favorite parts of town in the next couple of weeks for the different types of crowds out there.

Option 1 (For the Adults Only): Craft n’ Draft Maker’s Market 

coronado island

If you haven’t heard it from your own mouth or your beer-hip friends at some point, one of the main draws to living in San Diego are the wide selection of quality craft beers.

Expect to see your fellow beer snobs show out in full back-of-the-school-bus levels of coolness to taste San Diego’s finest at this free event at the Coronado Brewing Company Tasting Room, (located at 1205 Knoxville St, San Diego, CA. 92110). Coronado Brewing Company is presenting a showcase of over 15 local beer artists and craftsmen for you to sample. With 25 craft beers on tap, and available treats from Nomad Donuts (of North Park) and food trucks, this two-day gathering is a perfect foray onto San Diego’s most picturesque mini-island.

This two day event lasts from 12:00 to 5:00 pm on August 1 and from 11:00 to 3:00 pm on August 2. Get there early!

Option 2 (For the Families): Shark Summer 2015

shark summer

Just in case Shark Week isn’t putting enough shark in your week — and if so, we’d like to see if your peg leg is real again — you can bring the whole family down to the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla. Be sure to explore one of San Diego’s cleanest and most historic neighborhoods while you’re down there. Any place that has wayward UCSD students mingling with millionaires and seasoned fisherman is a place worth visiting.

Besides being an incredibly underrated date spot, Birch Aquarium boasts as many aquatic attractions as it does options for the entire family to enjoy. Shark Summer 2015 pledges that you’ll learn the latest in shark research, discover more about SD’s local shark habitats, and even get some hands-on contact with shark teeth, skin, and other artifacts. Shark Summer only lasts until August 15 at normal aquarium hours, so hurry!

Option 3 (For the Art Connoisseur Couple): Anything From The San Diego Fringe Festival

san diego fringe festival

San Diego Fringe Festival has been taking the arts community by storm since early May, and if you haven’t gotten wise to the incredible talent in this city yet, a quick perusal of the schedule and an additional Fringe Tag (only $5) will set you straight.

There’s literally too much to write about on any given day, but Fringe Festival takes place all over the city, and in every format imaginable. A quick perusal of the event page nets you live theater, art shows, and more. It ends August 2nd, so get a move on the final push of shows!

Theater companies are showing out like few industries can show out. The lineup for July 29 alone includes the incredibly titled “Les Midge: An Unexpected Journey of Hobbit Proportions” at Lyceum Theater, and “Breaking Bange” — no, it’s not a Breaking Bad parody, but it seems awesome anyway. We know it’s impossible for you to attend all of these, but if you’ve ever been saving your ability to time travel for a rainy day, then now’s that day.

Option 4 (For the Dog Lovers): Unleashed Surf Dog Competition

dog surfing

Remember when we talked about beer being a prime reason for buying a place in SD? Well, turns out there’s beaches here too. A lot of beaches. More importantly, a lot of dog beaches. Which means, yes, a lot of dogs.

Thanks to the Petco Surf Dog Competition, “Unleashed” provides fans of dog surfing with all they can handle. Dogs, somehow, will “jump on their boards and hit the surf,” according to the event description. Even if the end result is not quite as clean-cut, it should be a riot for all involved.

To entertain the few humans incapable of joy at seeing dogs do what they were not born to do, there will be a food truck/beer garden, a kids’ zone, dog adoption centers, and extra vendor booths.

The competition takes place at Imperial Beach Pier Plaza, 10 Evergreen Ave, Imperial Beach CA 91932 on August 1st. Heats begin at 9:00 am, and will end with an award ceremony at 2:15 pm.

There Is More

There are so many parts of San Diego that deserve their own guidebooks — from the new art house film screenings in Kensington to the coffee shops and record stores of Encinitas and Cardiff, and everything in between. This town has rings upon rings of different neighborhoods and attractions to choose from, meaning there are endless entertainment options for you, your friends, and your family.