5 of the Most Over-the-Top Amenities in Luxury Homes Across the U.S.

When you think of a massive mansion with all the bells and whistles, you probably think of home theaters, fitness facilities, massive walk-in closets, and outdoor kitchens equipped with wood-burning pizza ovens.

But these are pretty much considered standard. These days, the most outlandish homes across the U.S. are boasting some of the most over-the-top amenities you could possibly imagine.

1. Sports Facilities

sports facility

You’ve heard of homes with swimming pools, tennis courts and basketball courts. However, today’s luxury homes are taking things a bit further. Take McLain Flats in Aspen, Colorado, for instance. The $28 million mansion boasts a 13,000-square-foot standalone fitness facility with a regulation NBA basketball court, racquetball court, tennis court, and a second-story indoor running track wrapping around the facility’s perimeter. 

An $11 million equestrian estate in Argyle, Texas comes equipped with stables and riding rinks, as well as a professional zip-line and a jungle-themed tree house.

Some of the wealthiest home owners in the U.S. continue to incorporate colossal sports complexes into their chateaus. Hockey rinks, golf putting greens, baseball diamonds, and even archery fields can be found in homes across the country, many of which are (of course) owned by celebrity pro-athletes.

2. Showcase Garages

showcase garage

A 3 or 4-car garage? That’s old school. These days, the filthy rich don’t just park their cars – they put them on display. Now a garage needs to be a showcase for a host of prized automobiles, put on a carousel of sorts so viewers can get a good glimpse of every angle of the cars.

These garages are being used for more than just parking vehicles – they’re becoming coveted ‘man caves’ where men can retreat and be entertained. In Chicago, a $3.4 million condo in Lake Point Tower boasts a separate 2,714-square-foot, 12-vehicle showroom that’s decked out in Ferrari-inspired red and yellow hues. And in Fairfield, California, an $18 million Suisun Valley Road mansion comes with a giant garage filled with goodies such as a maintenance bay, antique gas station, and even an off-road-inspired diner fully equipped with a kitchen, 50’s decor and bar stools.

3. At-Home Resort

home spa

An at-home spa room is one thing, but a full-out resort is quite another. Home builders are increasingly being asked to incorporate Himalayan pink salt spa rooms in luxury estates, which are said to put out negative ions and have restorative properties.

As more and more people are experiencing various cultural lifestyles in resorts abroad, they are bringing these ideas back home with them and infusing them into their homes. Not only do they want saunas and whirlpools, they also want massage rooms, mani-pedi stations, and hairdressing booths, to name a few.

One Bel Air Country Club mansion in L.A. is the epitome of such notions. The $29.9 million, 20,000-square-foot expanse features a whole floor reserved specifically for a resort-like extravagance. In addition to a gym, there’s also a yoga studio, Jacuzzi tub, steam room, and beauty salon with a hair-cutting area and a station reserved strictly for manicures and pedicures. Rather than a regular pool, the facility features an exercise pool which the homeowners can use as a water-powered treadmill.

4. Playground for Kids and Adults

bowling alley

Who needs Dave & Buster’s when one can enjoy such fun and excitement within the confines of their own home? That’s precisely what the owners of a 24,500-square-foot St. George, Utah mansion had in mind. The expanse features two home theaters (a “main” theater and one specifically for kids), an arcade, a two-lane bowling alley illuminated by neon and black lights, and even a sports pub.

The homeowners don’t have to take the stairs or even an elevator to get to these rooms, either. Instead, they can quickly access these spaces via a wooden slide spiraling from the main living area directly down to them.

5. Alcohol Tasting Rooms

alcohol tasting room

Wine cellars are nothing new, as are wine tasting rooms. Instead, the going trend these days are bars and tasting rooms for certain types of alcohol and liqueurs. Minecraft founder, Marcus Persson, owns a $70 million bachelor pad that boasts a vodka- and tequila-tasting bar, as well as a candy bar where over $200,000 worth of candy can be dispensed.

When money is no object, the sky’s the limit. And with a team of creative and imaginative architects and designers, even the wildest dreams of the wealthy can come to fruition.