5 Attractive Furniture Options That Charge Your Electronics

No matter where you are in your house, your smartphone or tablet is likely on hand. When your battery runs low, though, finding a charging cable and plugging your device in can be difficult. You could leave a cable in each room, but hiding unsightly cables from view brings even more challenges.

New furniture is now on the market that meets the needs of today’s tech-obsessed families. Utilizing technology similar to the charging pads that became popular a couple of years ago, this furniture allows a device to be charged simply by setting it down on a designated spot. If you’re planning to buy new furniture in the future, consider these high-tech options.

NORDLI Nightstand

charging furniture_side table

Sold by IKEA, this nightstand has built-in charging capabilities. Simply set your device on the small round charging area marked by a plus sign and you’ll be charging. An additional USB port is provided if you want to charge two devices at once. The leg of the table has a groove to hide the charger cable for the secondary USB cord. IKEA also has small charging pads made to blend with existing furniture in a home. These pads can turn any surface into a charging table.

Qivolino Wireless Charging Table

charging furniture_wireless charger

Using Qinside technology, this wireless charging table charges devices without requiring a power connection. Two wireless charging stations are available on the tabletop, allowing two devices to be charged at once. These tables are designed for commercial use, allowing companies to provide it as an amenity to customers. Businesses can also charge customers for charging time on the table. A company’s logo and branding can be printed on the table for increased exposure.

Koncept Z-Bar Mini with Air Charge Base

charging furniture_lamp

Wireless charging is built into the base of these lamps, which are designed to be placed on a desk or nightstand. Available in white, orange, metallic black, and silver, the lamp’s base includes a small rubber ring that the smartphone rests on while charging. Air Charge technology is also available in charging pads and valet trays.

Savana Solar Powered Patio Table

charging furniture_patio

This charging table isn’t only useful, but it’s good for the environment, as well. Solar cells are built into the tabletop to absorb sunlight and convert it to energy. Through two USB ports attached to a bank battery, that solar power can be converted to power to charge up to two devices at once. Even on cloudy days, the table has the ability to charge devices.

KATEDRA Office Desk

charging furniture_office desk

Slovenia company Desnahemisfera has this futuristic-looking office desk, which has a built-in wireless charger. An LED light burns white while in standby and flashes red once a phone is placed on it. Once the phone reaches a full charge, the light turns green. Best of all, the desk has a unique design.

In the coming years, customers will likely only see more options for furniture with charging technology built in. Charging pads are also dramatically improving in attractiveness, giving customers a great alternative to buying new furniture. Using charging pads, you can turn any piece of furniture into a charging station without taking away from your home décor.