No Front Porch? 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Front Door More Inviting

The concept of the “front porch” seems to have vanished in favor of back yard Shangri-las. Instead of sipping lemonade in rocking chairs on a warm summer’s evening, homeowners now retire to back decks and patios, where they have privacy.

As a result, homebuilders have tossed aside the front porch concept in favor of stoops and landings designed for receiving packages and shooing away solicitors. These stoops are covered by overhangs to keep homeowners dry while they unlock their front doors. However, the end result is that many front entrances seem much more cold and uninviting than they once were. Here are a few tips to help you create a warmer, more welcoming environment around your front door.

Add Greenery

front porch_greenery

Even a small space can be spruced up by a few plants. You can choose from potted plants with flowers mixed in or a year-round wreath on the front door. Make sure you select flowers that don’t attract bees to avoid a nuisance each time you exit and enter your house. Some homeowners have permanent planters on either side of the front door and simply change the plants and flowers inside those planters to match changes in season or personal taste.

Get Creative with Your House Number


If you see your house number as merely a way to help visitors find you, you’re missing a great opportunity. You can get creative with your house number by using greenery, plates, and even birdhouses. Whether your number is displayed on a post, your front door, or the area beside your front door, there’s no limit to the different ways you can present it.

Boost the Lighting


If you’re dealing with a small space, you can jazz it up through the use of creative lighting. This serves the dual purpose of enhancing security while also making the area a little more attractive. You can accomplish quite a bit in a small space through the use of creative wall lights.

Redo the Landing


Whether your guests enter your front stoop includes steps or runs parallel to your front yard, you can change the look and revitalize your front entrance. Artistic use of stones and/or bricks can take your landing from boring concrete to a look that dramatically enhances your curb appeal.

Creative Front Doors


When you have limited space to work with, it’s more important than ever that your front door stand out. There are so many options available today, whether you prefer a windowless door or one that incorporates glass and lets in light. However, you can wow your guests with a custom-designed front door that leaves a lasting impression

If you find the small space surrounding your front door limits your design choices, these tips could help. You don’t have to feel limited by a lack of space. Consider it a challenge as you seek to renovate your house and make it more welcoming to guests. Whether you choose to change out your front door for something unique or work on the landscaping surrounding your front stoop, there are many different options available.